It’s time to Stop The Smell.

2019 has become known as the Year of Stink in many B.C. farming communities – just ask the residents and farmers of Delta, Langley, Maple Ridge, Cedar (Nanaimo), and Abbotsford.

Giant marijuana operations have moved onto B.C.’s agricultural lands. But while marijuana is now legal in Canada, creating a noxious smell is not. As outlined in Section 85 of the federal Cannabis Regulations:

“The building or part of the building where cannabis is produced, packaged, labelled and stored must be equipped with a system that filters air to prevent the escape of odours.”

Anyone who has driven through the farmlands of the south Fraser, and elsewhere in B.C., know the marijuana operations are failing at this. Farming relies on being good neighbours. When one neighbor is breaking the law and ruining the quality of life for everyone else, it’s not right, and it’s not fair. Through the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC), Premier John Horgan and the NDP Government control what happens on B.C. farmland.

It’s time for the ALC to step in and demand marijuana farmers follow the laws of Canada and address their odour issues. It’s time to Stop The Smell.

Submit your information below to send an email to Premier John Horgan, Agriculture Minister Lana Popham, and the NDP’s Agricultural Land Commission, demanding they Stop The Smell.

The email will also go to BC Liberal Opposition MLAs Ian Paton and Rich Coleman (who have been standing up for farmers on this issue!).

Cannabis is legal. We get it, and we welcome the industry to our farming communities. But only if the marijuana growers are good neighbours, follow the law, and Stop The Smell.

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